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Our plant will be closed from Friday Dec 20 until Friday Jan 03, 2020 included. We wish all of you Happy Holiday Seasons.

Reaction Capabilities

All the performed reactions are made in strict accordance with the local safety and environmental requirements. The following reactions are regularly done or have been done in our workshop on 50 kg scale :

Somet's Capabilities

Current production capabilities
Acylation Alkylation (O,N,C) Amination
Condensation Dé-alkylation Diazotation
Formylation Friedel-crafts Cyclisation
Synthèses maloniques Oxidation Oxymation
Réduction Réarrangements Sulphochloration
Sulfonation Silylation Résolution
Couplage de DCC Protection Déprotection
Métallation (Li, Mg ) Réactions de couplage (DCC, EDCI) Couplage de Heck et  Suzuki
Acide Boronique et esters Amination à catalyse métallique Mitsunobu

Chemical reagents

Br 2 , SOCl2 , POCl3 , ClSO3H, LDA , HexLi, BuLi , HMDSLi , RMgX , HCl g , HBr , NBS , NIS , DMS , Alkylsulfonates

Somet is capable to make other reactions such as :

Cyclisation, Protection and de-protection, Suzuki and Negishi coupling, Buchwald amination